Adventure Activities in New Zealand

Experience the wilderness of New Zealand with these activities below. From the forests in the heart of New Zealand, or travelling our rugged terrain, you will be able to enjoy what New Zealand has to offer in every way possible.

Off Road New Zealand4WD and Off Roading in New Zealand

New Zealand's high country is criss-crossed with rough tracks built to provide access to farms, old mining and timber-milling settlements and less accessible scenic attractions...(more)

Copyright: Penguin Place. Bird watching in New ZealandBird Watching in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to many endemic species of birds. Our isolation means that we have a unique birdlife that the bird lover amongst us will thoroughly enjoy learning about through bird watching in New Zealand...(more)

Copyright: Tourism New Zealand. Boats, Sailing and Charters in New ZealandBoats, Sailing and Charters in New Zealand

Sightseeing can be experienced by sailing in New Zealand, combined with activities like fishing, diving, swimming with dolphins or even whale watching. Relax on deck and see New Zealand's beautiful coastline...(more)

Canoeing and Kayaking in New ZealandCanoeing and Kayaking in New Zealand

Kayaking in New Zealand provides a perfect opportunity to explore New Zealand's beaches, lakes, and rivers. Sea kayaking in New Zealand is also an exciting way to explore parts of New Zealand's beautiful and extensive coastline...(more)

Caves and Glowworms in New ZealandCaves and Glowworms in New Zealand

New Zealand's range of natural underground formations and caves have fascinating glowworm displays. New Zealand caves are limestone caves, or its metamorphic variety marble, but there...(more)

Caving and Canyoning in New ZealandCaving and Canyoning in New Zealand

Caving in New Zealand or canyoning in New Zealand is an experience you won't forget. There are a range of New Zealand caves to explore including the famous Waitomo Caves...(more)

Copyright: Legend Photography. Diving in New ZealandDiving in New Zealand

Located between three oceans, and with a long, often indented coastline of almost 18,000 kilometers, diving in New Zealand offers you an extraordinary paradise...(more)

Image Source: Queenstown Winter Festival. Events, Festivals and Shows in New ZealandEvents, Festivals and Shows in New Zealand

New Zealand has a huge variety of annual festivals, concerts, shows and events. From Art Deco, fine food and wine, Pacific culture, jazz or the joys of spring, whatever the excuse...(more)

Copyright: Julian Apse. Family Fun in New ZealandFamily Fun in New Zealand

Travelling with children should be a fun experience. New Zealand is a child-friendly country, providing loads of entertainment options to keep the young ones happy... (more)

Copyright: Legend Photography. Fishing in New ZealandFishing in New Zealand

Freshwater or salt - New Zealand is an angler's paradise offering some of the best opportunities for fishing in beautiful, isolated and pristine locations. In a country with such a vast...(more)

Copyright: Bob McCree. Freshwater Fishing in New ZealandFreshwater Fishing in New Zealand

Crystal clear waters, uncrowded rivers and lakes offer exciting opportunities for trout fishing in New Zealand--trophy sized browns and rainbows are legendary...(more)

Copyright: Gareth Eyres. Glaciers in New ZealandGlaciers in New Zealand

On the West Coast, remnants of the ice age cascade from vast snowfields of the Southern Alps to valley floors just 300 metres above sea level. Nowhere in the world's temperate zones are glaciers so accessible...(more)

Copyright: Gareth Eyres. Hunting and Shooting in New ZealandHunting and Shooting in New Zealand

For some of the finest trophy hunting in the world, come to New Zealand. Large animals hunted include several types of deer (including red, fallow and sika), chamois, tahr, pigs, wallabies and goats...(more)

Motorcycling and Quad Biking in New ZealandMotorcycling and Quad Biking in New Zealand

Enjoy the thrill of the machine and a sense of discovery as you venture through some of New Zealand's beautiful scenery on a motorcycle or quad bike...(more)

Copyright: Gilbert van Reenan. Mountain Biking in New ZealandMountain Biking in New Zealand

New Zealand mountain biking is perfect for those who want a more rugged adventure. New Zealand's hilly terrain makes it a fabulous mountain bike playground...(more)

Copyright: Gareth Eyres. Mountaineering in New ZealandMountaineering in New Zealand

New Zealand, the home of Sir Edmund Hillary, provides a superb environment for mountaineering. The mountains are a dominant feature of the New Zealand landscape with both islands providing opportunitiesfor climbers...(more)

Copyright: David Wall. Nature and Eco Tourism in New ZealandNature and Eco Tourism in New Zealand

Eco tourism is short for ecological tourism. New Zealand is a magical country of amazing landscape full of amazing wildlife. While eco tourism in New Zealand caters to the travellers...(more)

Copyright: Kieran Scott. Sailing Schools in New ZealandSailing Schools in New Zealand

The abundence of coastline in New Zealand means you are never far from the opportunity to participate in a bit of sailing. If you love the water and adventure, then sailing is definitely for you...(more)

Copyright: Scott Venning. Saltwater Fishing in New ZealandSaltwater Fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand, an anglers paradise, was put on the big-game fishing map after a visit by legendary American writer Zane Grey in the 1920's. New Zealand saltwater fishing catches vary by location...(more)

Copyright: David Wall. Scenic Flights in New ZealandScenic Flights in New Zealand

Flightseeing in New Zealand offers a breathtaking perspective to some of New Zealand's amazing sights. You'll find a variety of awesome landscapes in New Zealand, all within easy reach of each other...(more)

Copyright: Legend Photography. Surfing and Water Sports in New ZealandSurfing and Water Sports in New Zealand

Since the 1960s, when American surf culture undoubtedly boosted its popularity here, surfing in New Zealand has grown to become one of New Zealand's favourite recreational activities...(more)

Tramping and Hiking in New ZealandTramping and Hiking in New Zealand

Tramping in New Zealand will take you into National Parks and reserves, as well as volcanic and coastal regions. You can get as close as possible to nature, including birds and other wildlife...(more)

Water Activities in New ZealandWater Activities in New Zealand

There are plenty of ways to get wet in New Zealand with ample opportunity for visitors and locals to enjoy numerous water sports. Whilst you're on holiday and the sun is hot, there's no better time to throw a bit of caution to the wind and have fun in the water...(more)

Copyright: Tourism New Zealand. Zoos and Wildlife Parks in New ZealandZoos and Wildlife Parks in New Zealand

New Zealand's most famous bird and national symbol is the kiwi, a nocturnal flightless bird which is now endangered and difficult to see in the wild. However, there are a number of 'kiwi houses' at zoos and wildlife parks in New Zealand...(more)


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