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Green Globe is the global performance brand for sustainable tourism. Involved in 52 countries worldwide, its participants represent a wide cross-section of tourism businesses, from five star hotels to kayak tours. No matter where you travel in New Zealand, there are a host of activities awaiting you run by responsible operators attentive to the environment in which they operate. By selecting tourism businesses with the distinctive Green Globe logo, you can be confident you are supporting some of the most responsible, sustainable operators in the industry.

To learn more about Green Globe, visit or Travel responsibly and enjoy all New Zealand has to offer!

Green Globe Responsible Travel Guide

If you are looking at going to the next step in helping keep New Zealand clean, green, environmentally friendly and resource sustainable then here's a few Green Globe questions you could ask tourism businesses.

Green Globe Destinations

All of these organisations are participants in the Green Globe programme in New Zealand. So if you want to enjoy New Zealand knowing you're supporting its wonderful environment, these are the people to do it with:


Green Globe includes measurement of environmental improvements through an annual Benchmarking process.


A Green Globe logo can only be used once a tourism operation is measured to be above the Benchmarking baseline performance level.

Tours and Activities

Green Globe is based on Agenda 21 and the principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 heads of State at the United Nations Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.

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