Backpackers and budget accommodation in Gisborne, New Zealand. Gisborne backpacker accommodation provides comfortable, shared accommodation. A youth hostel or holiday park in Gisborne is ideal for cheap accommodation. Browse Gisborne budget hotels, budget apartments and other cheap accommodation options.

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Gisborne Backpackers, Hostels and Budget

Gisborne backpackers and budget accommodation options are ideal if you are backpacking or planning a budget holiday. Budget accommodation can include hotels, apartments, hostels, backpacker lodges and other cheap accommodation options.

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    The Haurata experience is perfect for family holidays, walking groups or adventurous travellers. Two accommodation types available: The luxurious Farm House and the Backpacker Cottage. Both provide everything you'll need. Enjoy some of the best views of Gisborne and its hinterland on our Haurata Walks. There are short walks and long walks available. Experience the best of New Zealand.

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