Fly by wire, flying foxes and canyon swings in Arthurs Point, New Zealand. Arthurs Point provides flying foxes and other flying adventures for an unforgettable adrenaline rush in Arthurs Point's beautiful and rugged surroundings.

Arthurs Point Flying Fox and Canyon Swing

Arthurs Point offers the unique fly by wire, flying fox and canyon swing adventure activities, providing exhilarating fun for the adventurous amongst us. Enjoy a fantastic experience in Arthurs Point you won't soon forget! more

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    Shotover Canyon Swing is an intense, undie-staining, adrenalin-stimulating activity: launch yourself from a 109m high cliff-mounted platform. You'll reach speeds of up to 150kph as you hurtle towards rocky cliff faces rushing past you in a 60m vertical freefall, ropes then smoothly pendulum you into a giant 200m swing across the famous Shotover River. Gravity's a toy-come out and play!

    Phone / Address | Map
    +64 3 442 6990
    0800 279 464 (Free call - only within NZ)
    PO Box 1806, Queenstown, New Zealand
    Qualmark Quality Rating   Endorsed
    Silver Enviro Rating

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