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South Pacific Helicopters, New Zealand


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Whale watching with South Pacific Helicopters Scenic flights with South Pacific Helicopters

South Pacific Helicopters

South Pacific Helicopters Introduction

South Pacific Helicopters is New Zealand premier whale watching experience in Kaikoura, New Zealand

South Pacific Helicopter is a tour operator offering whale watching experiences like no other in Kaikoura, New Zealand. Experience the beauty of Kaikoura, and the marine animals that make this place their home from above, for unparalleled views. From a helicopter you can easily get around the whale watching area to maximise your viewing time, while minimising the impact on the animal. Gain insight into the whales world, and reach places accessible only by helicopter.

Many of our whale watching flights incorporate a scenic aspect as well, but we also offer bespoke experiences, charter flights, and scenic tours. Listed below are some of the tours we offer, just contact our team to find out more about our trips, or to customise your own!

  • Scenic flights
  • Whale watching flights
  • Heli-hunting or fishing
  • Heli-Picnics in the mountains
  • Heli-hiking & snow landings
  • Heli-rafting
  • Filming & photography
  • Charter flights around New Zealand
  • Weddings, anniversaries & honeymoons

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South Pacific Helicopter Experiences

Whale watching with South Pacific Helicopters Dolphin watching with South Pacific Helicopters Scenic flights with South Pacific Helicopters

Explorer Whale Watching Flight - Introductory trip enabling you to enjoy the many marine wonders that the Kaikoura area has to offer, including the year round population of sperm whales.

Kaikoura Ocean Safari Whale Watching Flight - Incorporates the Explorer experience viewing the local sperm whale population, with additional time to enjoy the abundant Kaikoura marine life, as well as an alpine landing along the coastal mountains for stunning views and photo opportunities.

remier Whale Watching Flight - An hour long flight offering the extended whale watching flight for more time viewing whales and dolphins, then head up into the high alpine environment for a landing on top of Mount Fyffe, for gorgeous panoramic views of mountains and sea.

Kaikoura ULTIMATE Experience - Our longest tour, it is an incredible experience capturing the best of Kaikoura's magnificent vistas of coastal shores, picturesque landscapes, majestic mountain ranges, and diverse marine wildlife. Spend longer viewing the whales and dolphins before heading up the coast of Kaikoura for a scenic trip to view the varied landscape and changes from the earthquake. Includes two landings in the mountains to get out and take photos and experience Kaikoura.

Kaikoura Coastal Escape - Enjoy a 35 minute scenic flight out around the coastline to view the Kaikoura Peninsula, spotting wildlife then head to the summit of magnificent Mt. Fyffe for an alpine landing to take in the breathtaking vistas.

Kaikoura Aftershock Adventure - South Pacific Helicopters' exclusive flight that showcases natures force, the geological and environmental changes to Kaikoura coastal areas from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in 2016. This tour takes you back into the alpine environment for incredible scenic views.

South Pacific Helicopter Bespoke Experiences - Tours can be customised or charter trips can be created that can include helicopter flights for rafting, picnics, hiking, any experience you can think of!

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Whale Watching with South Pacific Helicopters