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1128 Woodstock Rimu Road (Just off State Highway 6)
Lake Mahinapua
West Coast
New Zealand

Regional Information:

Westcoast Treetop Walk West Coast Sightseeing West Coast Sightseeing Walk

Copyright: Westcoast Treetop Walk. Westcoast Treetop Walk, West Coast Walk, West Coast Sightseeing Copyright: Westcoast Treetop Walk. Westcoast Treetop Walk, West Coast Walk, West Coast Sightseeing

Westcoast Treetop Walk Introduction

Westcoast Treetop Walk is an exhilarating treetop scenic West Coast walk adventure among temperate rainforest giants.

Experience life with the birds high in the ancient Rimu and Kamahi tree canopy. This West Coast sightseeing walk allows easy access for all to enjoy along a steel platform 20 metres high and over 450 metres long.

Stunning Awe Inspiring Beauty

Gently sway in harmony with the forest on the Mahinapua Springboard. View the exquisite Lake Mahinapua through the richly diverse forest foliage.

Adrenalin Pumping Thrills

Thrill seekers will feel their hearts pump and the adrenalin rush as they climb to the top of Hokitika Tower, 40 metres above the forest floor.

Be inspired by a sensational vista of the majestic snow capped Southern Alps and the Tasman Sea on this West Coast walk through the treetops.

Recharge and Replenish

A uniquely wild and wonderful destination of discovery. Before or after your West Coast sightseeing walk, you can recharge, refresh and enjoy great local foods in the comfort of the Mahinapua Café nestled quietly beside the tranquil Johnnies Creek.


The Westcoast Treetop Walk is located just 15 minutes south of the famed gem town of Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

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About the West Coast

In New Zealand, the 'West Coast' generally refers to the narrow strip of land between the South Island's Southern Alps and the Tasman Sea.

The West Coast is the longest region in New Zealand.

With a population of only 31,000 people, the West Coast retains the feeling of a pioneer frontier. It's a wild place known for rivers and rainforests; glaciers and geological treasures. Legends and stories from the past cling to every feature of the landscape.

Maori were first to discover the West Coast, seeking sacred pounamu (nephrite jade or greenstone). Gold fever in the 1860s brought Europeans, many of whom stayed on to start farming, forestry and businesses.

The locals are known as 'coasters', a term synonymous with friendliness and hospitality. Isolated from the rest of New Zealand by the Southern Alps, coasters have developed a distinctive culture of their own. Their pioneering values of self-reliance and loyalty are as strong today as they were 100 years ago.

West Coast Highlights

Image Source: Tourism New Zealand. Aerial view of Fox Glacier, West Coast, New Zealand
Aerial View Fox Glacier
West Coast
Photographer: Gareth Eyres

The West Coast is memorable for its mountain peaks, massive glaciers, bizarre limestone landscapes, mysterious lakes and raging rivers, lush rainforest and a magnificent, wild coastline. It's also memorable for its people—interesting, humorous, outdoorsy types who can tell you an interesting story or two if you have time to listen.

It is highly likely that glorious image of New Zealand you see in a book, calendar, magazine or poster is from the South Island's West Coast. It contains the largest area of protected land of any region in New Zealand and provides access to five of New Zealand's 13 national parks. The southern West Coast area has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its uniqueness and recognition as a 'special place' in the world.

To this amazing natural landscape you can add good accommodation, fine foods, festivals and first class local guides. You can raft an underground cave, hike over a glacier, kayak a stunning lake, pan for gold and taste the traditional West Coast delicacy, whitebait. The local brew's fine too.

In the townships of Westport, Greymouth and Hokitika, you can learn about the West Coast's colourful past and shop for pounamu (greenstone or jade)—the local treasure that's only significant source within New Zealand is from the West Coast's raging mountain rivers. The Coast is one area of New Zealand you must never miss.

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