90 Mile Beach Marathon, 26th March

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Now in its 20th year, the Te Houtaewa challenge involves a day of racing on the 90 Mile Beach in the far north of New Zealand's North Island. Maori legend has it that Te Houtaewa was the fastest runner of the day who having played a prank on a nearby tribe, had to race along the sands to evade his pursuers with a basket of heavy kumara on his back.

This is a great event for participants and spectators alike in an unique desert-like environment where sandsurfing down huge white sand dunes is a great attraction for locals and tourists. The events on the 26th March include:

  • 60 kilometre Open Ultra Marathon
  • 42 kilometre Marathon Run
  • 21 kilometre Half Marathon Run
  • 21 kilometre Half Marathon Walk
  • 60 kilometre 5 person Open Relay
  • 6 kilometre Walk for Life

For more information, visit the Te Houtaewa Web site.

About the 90 Mile Beach

The Ninety Mile Beach is the longest beach in New Zealand and stretches from just west of Kaitaia towards Cape Reinga along the Aupouri Peninsula. The Ninety Mile Beach is actually 55 miles (88 kilometre) long and its glorious white sands are popular for 4WD tours and sand surfing.

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