Auckland Destination Information, New Zealand. Know all the services available to you when you visit Auckland and be sure not to miss any local attractions, or best places to visit. Auckland destination information can help you find local services such as Internet cafes, I-Sites and more.

Auckland Destination Information

Auckland destination information helps provide all the visitor information you need to know before you arrive, from local attractions such as lakes and walking tracks, to Internet cafes and restaurants. Discover Auckland's hidden treasures, best places to visit, local services and much more. more

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  • WAIHEKE LOCAL - Waiheke Island

    Waiheke Island is known for its beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches, fishing, world class wines, olive oils, artist studios, art galleries and a delicious range of restaurants and cafes. Browse the Waiheke Local site and see what this amazing island has to offer. If you have any questions, our friendly team would be happy to answer them.


This Auckland destination information map displays tourism business locations in your chosen region, area, city or township. Click on a Auckland map location icon to display more information.


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