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Regional Information:

Taupo's Floatplane - Flightseeing, Sightseeing, & Scenic Flights

Taupo's Floatplane Introduction

Taupo's Floatplane flight is a magical Taupo flightseeing experience where you can and gain a true perspective of the stunning Lake Taupo region. Come sightseeing in Taupo with us—the sensation of taking off from, and landing on, the water is one you will never forget.

Enjoy spectacular scenic flights in our high wing Cessna Floatplane. Experience unrestricted views looking down on beautiful Lake Taupo and the snow capped volcano's of Tongariro National Park.

A range of scenic floatplane flights over Taupo attractions such as New Zealand's World Heritage Tongariro National Park, Volcanic Plateau, Lake Taupo and White Island are available.

Our Taupo float plane tours will allow you to enjoy vistas so breathtaking they will never be forgotten!

Taupo Float Plane Flightseeing Options

Taupo's Floatplane Docking at a house boat on Taupo's Floatplane See Taupo from Taupo's Floatplane Taking off with Taupo's Floatplane The cockpit of Taupo's Floatplane Landing on the lake in Taupo's Floatplane

A Taste of Taupo – This scenic Taupo flight includes a take off from Taupo Bay, turning over Acacia Bay then the headwaters of the Waikato River to Craters of the Moon. Then over the Borefields for the Wairakei Power Station, following the maze of pipe work to the power station itself, then a circuit of the Huka Falls, over the town to land along the lakefront (approximately 10 minutes).

A Peek at The Lake – Want a little bit longer. This 20 minute circuit takes you out of Taupo bay to discover the true size of New Zealand' largest lake. Flying along the Northern bays over the crystal clear water towards Kinloch before heading back over New Zealand's diverse farmland to Taupo's local geothermal area and Huka Falls before landing.

Boat Harbour Bonanza – Take off from Taupo Bay, past Acacia Bay to Rangatira Point, following the towering cliffs that form the shoreline to Kinloch. This Taupo scenic flight continues west past Kinloch to view the uninhabited Western Bays of the lake and the natural Boat harbour form by local terrain, return to Kinloch before trekking over the local farmland to the Craters of the Moon to finish with a Taste of Taupo (approximately 30 minutes).

Orakei Korako – Leave from Taupo Bay turning over Boat Harbour tracking north past the Craters of the Moon to the Hidden Valley of Orakei Korako. Landing on the Waikato River to tie along side a floating jetty and waiting for our clients to finish their visit which takes about one to 1.5 hours. On the return flight, view the Huka Falls and the town before landing along the lakefront. Allow two hours.

Mt Ruapehu Vista – Departing from Taupo Bay tracking south to fly over Turangi, Mt Pihanga, Lake Rotoaira, Blue and Emerald Lakes, the Tama Lakes to the summit of Mt Ruapehu. This Taupo sightseeing trip will take you on a circuit of the summit, allowing you to view into the Crater Lake and the ski fields on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu.

Starting our journey north again we travel onto Mt Ngauruhoe to view onto the centre of this classic volcano, then over Mt Tongariro viewing the Red Crater, Blue Lake and old lava flows before we begin our descent over Lake Taupo to land along the lakefront (approximately one hour).

Lakes of Rotorua – Taking off from Lake Taupo we follow the Waikato River to fly over the Ohaaki Power Station, Waimangu and Waiotapu geothermal area then Mt Tarawera. Over the Blue and Green Lakes. Tracking south for Taupo we fly over Orakei Korako (Landing here for a walk around is optional for an extra NZ$105.00 per person), Craters of the Moon and the Huka Falls (approximately one hour).

White Island – Flight departs from the shores of Taupo flying over the Ohaaki Power Station to Mount Tarawera exploring the gapping gash left by the eruption in 1886 killing 108 people. Continuing past Mt Edgecumbe out over the sea to New Zealand's most active volcano White Island. Returning via the lakes of Rotorua and its city.

Flying over Orakei Korako with the option of landing here for a one hour walk through this geothermal paradise (extra NZ$105.00 per person), before returning over the Craters of the Moon and Huka Falls to land along the Taupo Lakefront.

We also have Taupo sightseeing packages available where we drop you and your partner off on a secluded beach for an hour or two of hiking, beach combing or just relaxing.

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Special Occasions

Enjoy a special occasion with Taupo's Floatplane

Thinking of something different to celebrate a special occasion?

How about a unique marriage proposal or wedding transportation? Interestingly enough Taupo's Floatplane has had these requests in the past and have had the pleasure of being a part of many special events.

So far there have been numerous marriage proposals, romantic secluded picnics on the lake, transportation of the bride to the wedding venue, and birthday surprises just to name a few happy and memorable occasions.

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Taupo Attractions

The focus of this region is Lake Taupo—New Zealand's largest lake (619 square kilometres) and the heart of the North Island.

See Mt Ngaruhoe with Taupo's Floatplane View of White Island from Taupo's Floatplane

Lake Taupo was created by a volcanic eruption so big the sun went hazy in China. Almost everywhere you look there's a volcano. Just a few minutes north of the Lake at Wairakei you'll find geothermal fields, boiling mud pools and steaming geysers.

Lake Taupo is a great vacation destination in both summer and winter. Trout fishing is a major attraction—it's now over 100 years since the first trout fry were released into the lake and today it is one of the last true wild trout fisheries in the world.

Skiing and adventure activities are other reasons to visit. And when you're not on the lake or up a mountain, you'll find the Taupo town centre crammed with cafes and interesting shops. The nearby Huka Falls area is great for picnics and nature walks—or you could take a thrilling jet boat ride right to the foot of the thundering water.

A few minutes south of the Lake is Tongariro National Park, New Zealand's first national park and a World Heritage area. It was created in 1887 when its three magnificent volcanoes, Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe, were gifted to the people of New Zealand by the Ngati Tuwharetoa people.

On the western side of the Lake, the Pureora Forest Park is home to such rare creations as the shy kaka or bush parrot and the not-so-shy fluorescent blue mushroom.

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