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Rainbow's End, Auckland Theme Park, New Zealand


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2 Clist Crescent
New Zealand

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Stratosfear Bumper Boats Corkscrew Coaster Log Flume Invader Power Surge AA Drivers Town

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Rainbow's End Theme Park Introduction

It's fun on demand at Rainbow's End! With over 20 rides and attractions, there's something for everyone.

For thrill seekers the Big 5 Thrill Rides are the perfect challenge! Be taken in a full 360 degree rotation on Stratosfear, swoop and spin on the Invader, drop 18 stories on Fearfall, spin vertically and horizontally on Power Surge or defy gravity on New Zealand's only Corkscrew Roller Coaster.

For those looking for family fun, try out the Log Flume with its dramatic water chute plunge or be trapped in a runaway mine kart on the Gold Rush. From thrill rides to family fun, there's so many rides to choose from, everyone's sure to have a favourite.

Kidz Kingdom is also at Rainbow's End, an amazing family entertainment centre just for children 8 years and under and also very a popular venue for kids birthday parties. Kidz Kingdom is fully covered so it's the perfect place to play rain or shine.

If you love digital entertainment then try out Rainbow Playlab to experience the best and latest in entertainment technology. Rainbow Playlab has Hologate Virtual Reality, Virtual Sword Fighting, E-Sports, Escape Rooms, Arcades and more! Entry is free to Rainbow Playlab, but game costs vary. If you are visiting Rainbow's End Theme Park you can add a Playlab Play Pass to your Superpass ticket that day for big savings.

This Auckland theme park is located only 20 minutes drive from the CBD or 15min drive from Auckland Airport and has lots of free parking. The Manukau Train station is close by for both trains and buses. Rainbow's End is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. For further information about our Auckland theme park including height restrictions, please visit Rainbow's End!

Rainbow's End Auckland Theme Park Rides

Stratosfear – Will you be brave enough to take on the Stratosfear? It is seriously scary with a complete 360 degree rotation which will challenge even the most seasoned thrill seeking ride enthusiasts. This ride is an unforgettable experience.

Invader – The Invader is an amazing, adrenaline pumping ride suitable for all the family! Sit on a huge disk and be spun along an 80 metre track which reaches heights of 15 metres! This ride is one not to be missed!

Power Surge – Visitors start their disorientating journey seated in a star formation with their feet touching the ground, before being hoisted 18 metres into the air where the different ride components spin on both vertical and horizontal axes.

Fearfall – This 18 storey high thrill ride at our Auckland theme park takes guests up on a controlled ascent to the top of the tower, pauses them for a few seconds and then suddenly drops them... reaching speeds of 80km/h before bringing them gently to the ground.

Corkscrew Coaster – New Zealand's only corkscrew roller coaster takes you up more than 90 feet in the air, then sends you shooting down towards the ground into a complete loop, around a corner at speed and then into a double corkscrew.

AA Driver's Town – A chance for kids to get behind the wheel in miniature Suzuki Swift vehicles and drive through a miniature town complete with two way roads, traffic lights, roundabouts, pedestrian crossing and even traffic lights! AA Driver's Town is for kids 12 years and under.

Log Flume – The Log Flume at Rainbow's End is one of our most popular rides, taking you on a magical ride through a waterfall and deep into the heart of a mountain.

Gold Rush – Take an exciting rollercoaster-like ride through an abandoned goldmine. Keep an eye out for falling beams, cave-ins, explosions and out-of-control mine carts!

Dodgems – The dodgems at our Auckland theme park are a very popular family attraction. Try out your driving skills on our indoor track! Grab your own or ride with a friend.

Scorpion Karts – The Karts offer single seater racing fun for big kids! Challenge your friends to a race. Choose your kart and get ready, because when the light turns green the race is on!

Family Karts – Speed through our specially designed course, full of twists and turns! Drive by yourself or bring a passenger along for the ride.

Motion Master – This ride at our Auckland theme park has two rows of 12 seated riders watching a large screen with 3D glasses. The chairs move in time to the on-screen action.

Bumper Boats – Perfect for a warm day! Challenge your friends and family to a race, or line up their boat and aim for the biggest splash you can!

See the Rainbow's End website for ride and height restrictions.

Kidz Kingdom

Kidz Kingdom Kidz Kingdom Rainbow Playlab Rainbow Playlab

Kidz Kingdom is at Rainbow's End with rides and attractions especially for children 8 years and under. Come and try out the Choco Express, Magic Bikes, Jumpin Star, Carousel or one of the other rides especially for kids and their parents. Kidz Kingdom is fully covered so it's a perfect place to visit rain or shine and is also a very popular kids birthday party venue!

Rainbow Playlab

Experience the best and latest in entertainment technology - Hologate Virtual Reality, Virtual Sword Fighting, E-Sports, Escape Rooms, Arcades and more! Entry is free, but game costs vary. If you are visiting Rainbow's End Theme Park you can add a Playlab Play Pass to your Superpass ticket that day for big savings.

Rainbow's End Cuisine

There is a great range of meal options available at our Auckland theme park. From traditional theme park fare to pizza, cafe refreshments and catered menus there will be something to suit for every visit and every type of function.

Rainbow's End Business Facilities

Rainbow's End caters for every type of event and we have a variety of packages on offer to make your event a magical and memorable one.

Rainbow's End is a popular Auckland venue for end of year functions, social club events, family fun days, Christmas parties and teambuilding days. With options for day, night or exclusive after hours hire, Rainbow's End is the ultimate business and social function venue. We can provide conference and meeting facilities for small groups and theatre style conference facilities are also available for larger groups.

Rainbow's End offers great fun for all the team and their families in a magical atmosphere. Please contact us to discuss a package that suits you, your team and your event.

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