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Freighter Travel (NZ) Introduction

Freighter Travel (NZ) welcome you to the exciting world of Freighter Voyaging—seeing the world from a bulk cargo or container vessel with our international voyages from New Zealand.

Freighter Travel is here to advise you on all aspects of freighter voyages from New Zealand and will assist you in planning a trip to remember.

A voyage on a cargo ship could be the most rewarding experience of your lifetime. You can visit places you have only dreamed about, where traditional voyage ships may not call and return home with a store of adventures and memories to cherish.

Voyage as a passenger with the merchant marine and savor the tranquility and elements of the ocean without the hustle and bustle of a voyage ship.

You get all the benefits of excellent accommodation and meals; the opportunity to get to know the crew, the workings of the ship; and an almost endless choice of destinations or ports of call.

Some cargo ships have a swimming pool and gymnasium which are shared with the ships crew and/or officers.

Because the ship is already sailing whether you're on it or not, the travel is considered carbon-neutral, perfect for those who are after a green-travel option.

Our National and International Voyages from New Zealand

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Voyage Duration – You can cruise on a freighter for as long or as short as you wish—from a 120-day round the world voyage, down to 14-day voyage from Tauranga to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and back to Auckland—the possibilities are many and varied.

Options – Freighter Travel has the facility through our Bonded Travel Agency to combine your voyage with air travel or a land-based tour or holiday.

This allows you to join any passenger cargo ship at your chosen port of call, and to disembark at the time and destination to suit your plans. You have the option of including a short voyage while you are overseas, flying to and from your voyage, voyaging to your destination and flying home, or vice-versa.

If your preference is for more than one voyage to see specific ports of call, we can arrange your connecting flights, rental car, accommodation and/or tours between voyages. We can also arrange any documentation that you may require.

At sea the day is yours to do as you choose. Relaxing or exercising on deck, mixing with passengers or crew, dining, spending time on the bridge, learning how the ship is controlled and navigated—all combine into a pleasant, leisurely routine.

Dress Code – At sea there is generally a breeze, so a windbreaker jacket is strongly recommended. Comfortable, practical footwear, sweaters and slacks are suitable. Dress is generally informal, but passengers will be advised as to dress code for each particular ship when booking.

Going Ashore – With the correct documentation, going ashore at ports of call is simple. Take your passport ashore and some local currency—the ship's master or chief steward will help with this. Always check the sailing time before leaving the ship. In large ports take careful note of the dock area and the name or number of the ship's berth. It is advisable to be mindful of the country's traditions and dress codes, particularly for women in Eastern countries. Although a ship's turnaround in port may in some cases be a matter of hours, it is amazing what can be seen ashore in this time.

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Itinerary Options

One of the great advantages of traveling by cargo ship is the amazing flexibility available to you, the passenger.

International Voyages New Zealand Freighter Voyages New Zealand

You can join the ship for as long as you wish. You may even choose to disembark from one ship, spend a week ashore at a place of your choice, and then join another ship for the rest of your voyage. Passengers on the Grimaldi Line can disembark at one port and rejoin another ship one, two or three weeks later as these ships operate a regular weekly service.

Some other options you may like to consider are:

Fly—Interlude—Voyage – Fly to the country from which your voyage leaves, take some time to explore the area, then join your ship for your voyage home, arriving fresh and relaxed from your time at sea. Example: fly to England, explore the United Kingdom, join your ship and sail home via the Suez or Panama canal calling at up to nine ports before stepping ashore in New Zealand.

Voyage—Interlude—Fly – Or reverse the arrangement and arrive at your destination totally energized and ready to start sight-seeing! A voyage from Auckland via Noumea, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Singapore, Jeddah, Suez Canal, Malta La Spezia to London, England has enough interest to satisfy the most experienced traveller.

Fly—Interlude—Voyage—Interlude—Fly – Taking a voyage between touring different countries is an excellent method of having a rest and giving yourself time to assimilate all you have seen before beginning another section of your holiday. For example, take an fourteen day voyage from Monfalcone to Pireaus, Ashdod, Haifa, Izmir, Ravenna, Koper and back to Northern Italy port of Monfalcone—14 days for only 780 Euros per person. Other interesting trips are available around the Mediterranean.

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Freighter Voyage Fares

The cost of a freighter voyage is calculated on the basis of a daily rate, with most voyages priced between US$100 - US$130 per day. This daily rate is much cheaper than ordinary voyage ships, which usually charge around US$200 - US$400 per day.

Although the daily rate is cheaper, freighter voyages tend to be much longer than regular voyages. This means that a freighter voyage will usually cost more than a typical 1 or 2 week standard voyage vacation.

You can find more information about Freighter Voyage Fares here.