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Campervan Hire, New Zealand


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Classic Campers

Classic Campers Introduction

Welcome to Classic Campers! We specialise in VW Kombi (Bulli) hire in New Zealand, or depending on where you come from, Microbus or Vanagon hire.

Our New Zealand VW Kombi campers combine the best of the old and best of the new, contrasting the legendary status of retro 60s, 70s and 80s VW campers and beetles with the likes of remote controlled high power CD and MP3 players.

Each uniquely appointed New Zealand VW Kombi camper comes with a variety of features and combined with the worldwide best tourist destination of Pure NZ you have the ingredients for a lifetime memorable travel experience.

Kombi/Bulli Hire in New Zealand

Our Kombi hire in New Zealand has a wide range of vehicles available to suit your needs.

For a flexible, cost effective trip in a Classic VW Camper, go ahead and book one of our VW Kombis for hire in New Zealand.

For late model luxury camper options we also have two four berth T4 2.5 Turbo Diesel Transporter hi-top camper vans featuring even more modern quality features. These vans boast top fuel economy with power while still birthing VW legends of tomorrow.

Our Kombi (Bulli) hire in New Zealand includes:

1966 Westfalia Split Window 1975 Kombi (Bulli)
1966 Westfalia Split Window
Kombi Ultimate legend atmosphere
1975 Kombi
Pristine and peaceful and not for sale!
1969 Kombi (Bulli) 1973 Kombi (Bulli)
1969 Kombi
Westy to the core. Dream green machine
1973 Kombi
Homely and solid with bull bars
and boosted brakes
1975 Kombi (Bulli) 1974 Auto Kombi
1975 Kombi
Cool blue. Refreshing summer fun
1974 Auto Kombi
Mellow yellow.
Dont miss a little sunshine!
1972 Kombi 1982 T25 Vanagon
1972 Kombi
Racing Red Ride
and Retro Relaxation
1982 T25 Vanagon
Spacious, powerful 2.2 Audi 5 cylinder
VW Tdi T5 1995 Mazda Bongo
VW Tdi T5
Camp and Travel in
ultimate style and comfort.
1995 Mazda Bongo
Awesome electric poptop van
2004 VW T4 2004 VW T4 - Transporter
2004 VW T4
Luxury option, comfortable
and spacious.
2004 VW T4 - Transporter
Comfortable and spacious
top class van.

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About Classic Campers

Your hosts are Bevan and Andrea Beatty, veterans of tens of thousands of miles of camper travels worldwide, owner/enthusiast/restorer/upgrader of multiple VWs for 18 years.

Our mission at Classic Campers is to enable you to experience the joys of Retro VW camper road trips with updated features for your delight.

We appreciate many of the original features and quirks of VWs while getting obscure delight out of customising VWs with unexpected features/performance.

Each of our New Zealand Kombi hire campers has been prepared for comfort, reliability and overall performance.

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